Printed vinyl has a surprisingly large amount of practical applications; from wall decorations to signage, to artboards, to calenders, to visual aids! 
We use General Formulations Custom 222, which is a waterproof, tear-resistant, semi-lightfast matte finish vinyl with a permanent adhesive. Your print can be used as a sticker, or as a replacement for traditional paper. We also offer a variety of finishing options. 
Die-cut: We have the ability to die-cut your vinyl, leaving as much, or as little white around your images as you would like 
Corrugated Plastic Mount: We can mount your image of corrugated plastic for added stability, or to be used as a lawn/window sign
Foamboard Mount: We can mount any width 36" and Under to foamboard for a slick, professional finish 
Magnet Backing: Magnets! How do they even work!? Well, they do, and we have magnetic backing available for print jobs 24" wide and under 

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